AL STEPHENS - Hair And Now

Accurately described as a progressive hair salon with an international reputation, Al Stephens’ locations in Palm Beach Gardens and Ft. Lauderdale and others before them have been part of the area’s style and culture for 30 years. Al goes into detail on the beginnings of his brand, the importance of learning the basics, continuously passing along his methods to trainees and keeping up with the industry. If you’re an aspiring stylist there’s some helpful information here! Click on the Al Stephens facebook page and give them a ‘like’!

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BETH LYNCH - Time Out For The Soul

Certified Delphi University Medium and Meditation Instructor Beth Lynch joins me over the phone to discuss the many services offered through Inner Light Teachings. We cover spirituality and how it differs from religion, meditations, the energy of music and staying open-minded to the influences of the spiritual world. Beth even expressed some vibes she got from me over the phone and she was spot on! For more information and tools to help you get in touch with your soul, visit and hear her regularly on

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MIKE WEAVER - Defense First

Florida Panthers defenseman Mike Weaver looks back on all of the positives that came out of 2010-11, year one of Dale Tallon’s rebuilding plan, and shares inside details about daily life for an NHL player. We talk about Solar Bears, character players, his unusually long stick, blocking shots, Tim Horton’s, staying in shape in the off-season, giving back and much more. Mike’s enthusiasm and optimism for the future will have Panthers fans anxious for September to come! While you listen check out his player profile on the Panthers website and get details about Mike’s summer hockey school in Michigan -

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THE BEACH KING - Pro volleyball’s most recognized name is kicking off an exciting Summer heading up the debut of the National Volleyball League May 20th in Baltimore! He talks to us by phone from Hermosa Beach about the business and accessibility of pro volleyball, the USA’s dominance in the Olympics, his heroes growing up and his experience in television and movies! While you listen check out the NVL on their official website - ’like’ their facebook fan page - AL-B can also be found at

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DESTROPHY - Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY - In this chat with singer - songwriter - producer Ari, we cover the evolution of rock and metal, surviving on the road, recording gear, “tightening it up”, and much more. Plus we hear two killer tracks, “Closer” and “The Way Of Your World”. They’re planning a Summer tour playing with Otep. Keep up with those plans by visiting their official website while you listen. Be sure to visit the Destrophy facebook fan page and ‘like’ them!

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VARIOUS - A Masters To Remember

A MASTERS TO REMEMBER - We hear three different guests chime in to reflect on an amazing Sunday! Longtime veteran PGA Tour caddie Eric Schwarz, host of The Golf Exchange radio program Russ Evans and GM of Seven Bridges Louie Bartoletti all weigh in with spectacular facts and perspectives. More info on Russ can be found here with this link and you can ‘like’ Seven Bridges’ facebook page here.

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OMINE´- Whiskey and Chocolate

WHISKEY AND CHOCOLATE - To celebrate this week’s release date of her new album “Whiskey and Chocolate” enjoy this encore presentation of my telephone interview with her from earlier this year. This daughter of the late great Jazz legend “Allen Eager” sings from a very personal place with attitude and clever lyric writing. We’ll listen to two tracks from the record while we hear her story. W&C is also the latest work from Miami’s Forward Motion Records. While you listen, visit the Omine facebook fan page, download the album - Whiskey and Chocolate’s listing on iTunes and enoy a preview of the album on YouTube

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HENRY HILL - Mobsters and Meatballs

MOBSTERS AND MEATBALLS - The most notorious FBI informant in the history of the mafia joins me to share some stories about Goodfellas, the Oscar winning film based on his life, some candid life lessons about his sordid past, and upcoming dinner plans in Boca this May. We cover the mysterious Witness Protection Program and Henry’s earliest mob memories. “Mobsters And Meatballs” is May 7th and 8th in Boca at Sapori Ristorante. Learn all about it and make a reservation online at
He has one fascinating Wikipedia entry, too!

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MUSIC FRIDAY - Kelsie (L) and Kimberly (R) stop by the studio to perform and celebrate their recently announced label signing! They’ve already begun work on their first major release of cleverly constructed, smooth sounding tunes. You’ll hear two of their songs performed live here and stories about their first songs and the events that led up to the formation of this refreshing new musical act that is making South Florida proud! Here are some links while you listen: Baron Sisters fb fan page, Baron Sisters site Unison Music website

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SKIP ROONEY - Art/Sports

ART/SPORTS - Skip Rooney, the owner of the Golf Art gallery and online store chats about golf’s natural association with breathtaking photography and landscapes, Tiger Woods’ worth in the collecting world, the popularity of the sport, being in business for yourself and much more! Pictured here with the great Hank Haney, Skip’s business keeps him near golf’s great courses and big names! Dress up your home or office with some prestigious golf memorabilia! While you listen, browse the pieces online at

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