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ADAM EZRA GROUP - Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY - Thanks again to Roie from for bringing us Adam Ezra. Here he chats about the band’s latest project, how cold it is in New England at the moment, winning the Pick The Band contest, recording with … Continue reading

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SOSOS - Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY - Chris from Sosos joins me to share some new music and prepare you for their upcoming show at LuLu’s Bait Shack Wednesday Night. Enjoy Sosos’ roots vibe and groovy feel, ingredients that will mix well with the … Continue reading

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BUSINESS - Here’s another independent businessman who turned his childhood affection for great hot sauce into an exciting product and business venture. Bone Lee’s Original Gourmet Hot Sauce is the first of what should be many varieties of his creation. … Continue reading

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SCOTT GOLDMAN - Multimedia Production

MULTIMEDIA - Scott Goldman recently teamed up with photographer Marc Serota to form the full service media production company Love Home Productions. Hear the story about several individuals’ life experiences leading to an exciting collective business endeavor, a theme that has been … Continue reading

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REYNI RIVERO - Health and Fitness

A new year is already 11 days in. Are you following through in your resolution to work out and stay healthy? Reyni Rivero has some straightforward and realistic advice and ideas about staying fit. South Floridians can hire his services … Continue reading

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BOB LEONARD - The Homeless Voice Guy Story

THE HOMELESS VOICE GUY STORY - Thanks to Bob Leonard for coming on with me on such short notice. In this hastily assembled episode, I blurt many of the things nobody wants to say about the Ted Williams story. We … Continue reading

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ERIK SZPYRA - Hockey/Philosophy

HOCKEY / PHILOSOPHY - Happy New Year! In celebration, the first show of 2011 takes place in a bar over drinks. Listen as we explore the sarcastic mind of Erik Spzyra, the “spotter” for the live show at Florida Panthers … Continue reading

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