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MUSIC FRIDAY - It’s a “live in the studio” Music Friday with this crunchy Miami-based alternative rock band. James, Kenny and Giann sit down and give us an exclusive stripped-down version of “Thirty Six” and we listen to a couple … Continue reading

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ROIE AVIN - Music Business

MUSIC BUSINESS - Roie’s Pick The Band internet independent music playground is helping to reinvent the way the industry works. PTB is truly run by the fans for the fans! Three years later, Roie looks back on some of the label’s contest … Continue reading

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OMINE’ - Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY - “Whiskey And Chocolate” is the name of her album, set to be released on Forward Motion Records in March and in this phone interview we get to listen to a couple of songs from the album! Omine’ … Continue reading

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MUSIC ENCORE - Catch Jacob in an intimate unplugged set at Lulu’s for Original Music Night tonight! Relive one of the show’s best moments in this interview complete with in-studio performances from mid-2010 before you go. Jacob talks about his … Continue reading

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MUSIC ENCORE - Fernando Perdomo will be doing stripped-down versions of Dreaming In Stereo songs Wednesday night at Lulu’s! DIS just received an enormous amount of international press for inviting dozens of couples to kiss on camera for a music … Continue reading

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RAT SKATES - Movies / Music

MOVIES / MUSIC - Rat Skates has seen it all. The former drummer from the 80s metal band Overkill and D.I.Y. practitioner is releasing his revealing documentary film “Welcome To The Dream” next year in an effort to warn and … Continue reading

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BUSINESS - Lisa Scanlon talks about Tastefully Simple, a direct-selling venture that supplements her income and allows her to host food tasting parties, share serving secrets and sell product! In today’s world many work at home and supplemental income options, … Continue reading

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ELIXIR ON MUTE - Music Friday

MUSIC FRIDAY - I talk to Jordan Ferreira and Thomas Pridgen about the ideas and complexity of their 2010 CD “End of Sky”. Turn it up! We listen to two epic heavy tunes. The former drummer from The Mars Volta … Continue reading

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PAUL CASTRONOVO - Radio (Encore)

RADIO - One of my longtime radio friends appeared on the show last July to reminisce about the good old days of radio, sports, concerts and much more. Since this interview he’s partnered in an Italian vineyard and released Castronovo … Continue reading

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SOSOS - Music Friday encore

MUSIC ENCORE - Chris Monteleone and his band Sosos return to Lulu’s Bait Shack tonight for Original Music Night for a second week in a row! Hear Chris discuss the band, the genre, the songwriting process and take a listen … Continue reading

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