BMS S02E09 ROBERT M KNIGHT Knight Visions

Music and Photography come together in a special fashion in the documentary Rock Prophecies. Our guest, RMN is the focal point of the movie, as he recalls stories of his connections to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and countless others. In this candid conversation he goes into even more detail about his skills at gaining access and the resulting lifelong friendships he’s made.

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BMS S02E05 TOMMY BRAGA Blue Sunday

This Law Enforcement veteran joins me for one of the most important and topical episodes this show has published. While we were recording this, another tragedy was taking place in Louisiana. Officer Braga spent 30 years in many roles from Detective to Crisis Intervention to Patrol Officer and Security detail. His somber tone for the current culture we are in is apparent and we cover everything from guns to traffic stops, social media’s influence and more. And, we take a surprising musical turn near the end!
Thank you for your service, Officer.

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BMS S02E04 KEITH MEDLEY Scratchin’ Itches

A surname that says music. An artist with beautiful music in his mind and the skills to construct an instrument that could play it. A project put on hold for about 20 years while life got in the way. Reattaching to that project and seeing it through to completion. All of these elements come together in two distinct masterpieces, Keith Medley’s spectacular harp guitar and “Ancestors”, the gem he recorded with it. One of the finest moments of our show from one of our finest guests! Keith Medley Music Website

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BMS S02E03 GENE MEROLA A Page In Comedy

He’s as much a part of South Florida’s entertainment history as Jimmy Buffett, Vanilla Ice or Esther Rolle. Gene Merola’s character and humor became a huge part of Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife in its grandest era. We spend time on the personal, soothing and therapeutic qualities of comedy, the experience of running a club, Staten Island and much more and have a couple of much needed laughs. Plus, hear the details on a couple of upcoming gigs July 16 and 21!

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BMS S02E02 ADAM BRICKER Transformation

With the launch of During Fitness earlier this year, Adam Bricker brings the same principles he’s used in transforming businesses to the process of transforming bodies. Adam stops by the studio and we get into belief systems, the difference between simple and easy, habits, masterminds and how they work and more. If you are feeling the need to transform yourself or your business, there’s some food for thought here with Transformational Strategist, Adam Bricker.

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BMS S02E01 DIANA WOODS Soul Shining

In our first installment of the new season, we meet Diana Woods who is dedicated to reminding us of our abilities to stay on top of our thoughts and emotions. Her daily affirmations e-mail blast “Let Your Soul Shine Now” brings together powerful words from powerful people. There’s even a musical connection that we play at the end. Hear some inspiring words herein and subscribe to Diana’s email while you listen
LYSSN Facebook page

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THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast - Chapter 3

We meet more characters on the course while hearing examples of the origins, complexities and implications of “wagering”in golf. Did the shepherds risk property and possessions to make the ancient version of the game more interesting? Is your handicap suited to play against big shots? How much is “too much”?This chapter of 3Up will help you answer, or least ponder these questions and more.

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THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast - Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO Putting - A National Crisis
After last Sunday’s U.S. Open drama, this is a timely and fitting chapter from 3Up! You’ll hear a couple of stories that exemplify the complexity of what is arguably the most difficult aspect of the great game. Meet Joe, Mike, Todd and Big John, just a few of the many characters featured in this book, and learn of their antics on the putting greens of Westchester County, NY and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You may even learn some tricks you can try in your next big stakes round of golf!

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THREE UP ON SEVENTEEN PuttCast - Chapter 1

Starting today we will be posting these podcasts of individual chapters of “Three Up On Seventeen”, the book written by my Dad last year. It’s an informative and humorous look “inside the ropes” of the great game of golf and the characters and life lessons associated with it. “Three Up On Seventeen is perfect gift for Fathers Day!
Available now at a substantial savings (84%!!) right now at Amazon!

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BOBBY NATHAN BAND - Keepin’ Busy With The Blues

Bobby Nathan’s been touched by the blues since the 60s. He ran studios in NYC that had disco and early hip-hop superstars recording in them in the 70s and 80s. He turned his attention more back to playing and performing in the 90s. Now the Bobby Nathan Band plays constantly. Hear all about them and check out two live songs!! Their blues hits the stage in South Florida on Sunday January 20th, the final day of the 4-day Las Olas Blues Fest - on the lawn at the Riverside Hotel. Get lineup, tickets and VIP info at

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