STEVE ALTMAN - Warrior of Merch and Gear

After serving the music industry from almost every angle for over three decades Steve is currently modernizing the way “merch” is handled via his upstart music tour merchandise company. He’s provided backline and personal assistance for some of rock’s biggest tour stages and even played drums on some of those very stages. He shares stories from behind a sales counter with a Beatle and in rehearsal with Patty Smyth and Scandal! We listen to a track from Lauren Harris, daughter of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, an act he had a hand in with his 360 company Monstro Visionary Entertainment. ‘Friend’ Steve on facebook here.

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  1. Susan Henderson says:

    It’s Susan Henderson I’m looking for my old friend Steve office Hollywood Florida not a groupie I’m not a fan of first let him know Susana Henderson is looking for him know who I am having message me through my Facebook or call me at 931-291-3356 thank you

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