BOB LEONARD - The Homeless Voice Guy Story

THE HOMELESS VOICE GUY STORY - Thanks to Bob Leonard for coming on with me on such short notice. In this hastily assembled episode, I blurt many of the things nobody wants to say about the Ted Williams story. We discuss the viral world we live in, sobriety, homelessness, the struggles of the radio and voiceover industries and exploitation. I urge everyone that listens to this to comment at will. Check out Bob Leonard on CNN Headline News’ “Prime News” Thursday at about 6:30pm and friend him on facebook.

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  1. Bruce Harmon says:

    Great show Bill! I agree with just about everything Bob said especially when it comes to the fact that there are so many good veteran radio guys out of work (and not by choice either as you know) that it’s a shame some of those folks just can’t get hired. Maybe Ted Williams was truly homeless and actually had this great idea to stand on the corner in the hope that he would be discovered. If his story is true, then god bless him. The other side of the coin is whether or not all of us “out of work radio personalities” have to go to that extreme to hopefully get a radio gig again. Companies like Clear Channel have put hundreds of folks with years of experience out of work and many of them just can’t get another radio gig. Teds story makes it seem like one would have to go stand on a street corner begging for a job in radio (or perhaps anywhere for that matter) in order to get a job. Teds story is sad, bittersweet and happy all at the same time. Thanks for another interesting show!

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