DENNIS DeYOUNG - The Best Of Times

MUSIC FRIDAY - In celebration of his latest touring project “Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx”, the gifted singer / keyboardist / songwriter shares memories of early Styx, the inside scoop on his relationship with Tommy Shaw, secrets about his craft, touring in his 60s and his witty sarcastic humor! He‚Äôs calling this new tour a Styx greatest hits show. We feature two of Dennis‚Äô songs from his 2007 solo album “100 Years From Now”. Tour dates and much more info can be easily found at

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2 Responses to DENNIS DeYOUNG - The Best Of Times

  1. Gary Wayne says:

    Bill. Loved the show on DeYoung. One of my favorite singers. Keep um coming. I was chicking out and the studio looks great. Tell me, is that a Yamaha Guitar hanging there???????
    The Hanson Brothers picture is great.

    Take care Bill,

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