JEFF RIMAN – Apparel/Global Marketing

APPAREL/GLOBAL MARKETING - As a marketing partner for Rush Couture Apparel, Jeff stays on top of the latest trends in promotion and how to appeal to Generation Y. Rush Couture’s stuff has been flying off of the virtual shelves after being spotted on MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. Jeff’s had a close eye on all forms of media for the last two decades and realizes how powerful a strong internet presence can be in today’s market. He’s another guy I’m gonna be stealing ideas from. Here he is sporting a sample of RC’s hip look. Visit the website while you listen.

Rush Couture Apparel

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3 Responses to JEFF RIMAN – Apparel/Global Marketing

  1. Wendy says:

    Hey Bill. I love listening to your show. Will definately share on my facebook page. Great guests. My daughter loves Jersey Shore and of course loves the clothing worn. Needless to say, had to listen!!

  2. Summer says:

    Hello neighbors:) Nice interview! I’d love a chance at getting a free shirt…

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