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Murphonics studios are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and in Verona, New Jersey. Both facilities are ProTools equipped and utilize the server space of Murphonics.com to transfer files to work in tandem if necessary. Music projects in our Florida studio can incorporate Steve's drum skills without having to fly him in! Our recording studios offer the relaxed comfort and atmosphere of home studios along with a professional product and critical ear found only in the finest locations in the industry.

In our remodeled "Control Room" in Ft. Lauderdale, extra care was taken in the design to ensure scientifically accurate acoustics and supreme comfort. "It's simply my new favorite listening environment, period. And I've had a bunch of rooms to compare it to over the years.." says Bill Murphy, owner and designer. "I do have one less bedroom in the house now, but if I have guests, I'm more than happy to crash in the studio. It's a very comfortable room!"

Steve sets up his personal custom Canopus drum set in his studio located at his New Jersey home. Mic placement has been determined by tried and true experimentation. The room is undoubtedly Rock-intensive. These are LIVE drums at their finest! Microphones are Audio-Technica and Shure and a recent high-quality modification to the recording system has made even further improvements to the drum sound!




Digidesign ProTools LE 8.0 / Digi002R 48-Track Digital (FL)
Digidesign ProTools LE 6.4 / Digi001 32-Track Digital (NJ)
by Black Lion Audio. (read about it here) New - Summer 2007!

Audio-Technica 4033 (2)
Audio-Technica AE 3000 (3)
Audio-Technica ATM25 (3)
Shure Beta52
Shure Beta58
AKGC3000B (2)
Rode K2 Tube Mic
Neumann TLM-103 Anniversary Edition

dbx576 Customized Vacuum Tube Preamp Compressor
Avalon VT-737SM Special Edition Vacuum Tube Channel Strip
Alembic F-2B Stereo Tube Instrument Preamp
Presonus Digimax 8-Channel Preamp

Sony CD Architect 5.2
Waves L1, L2, L3 and Linear Phase CD Mastering Plug-ins
Waves Native Platinum Plug-In Bundle for Pro Tools
Waves Native IR-L Impulse Response Reverb (awesome!)
Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition)
Propellerhead Reason 2.5
URS Neve and API Channel Emulating Plug-ins


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