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--RADIO COMMERCIALS - VOICEOVERS - Over 20 years of experience and expertise goes into every one of our commercials. We can handle any or every aspect of your commercial from copywriting and design to editing and sound effects to original jingle music and voice talent.

--MUSIC CREATION AND PRODUCTION - From songwriting demos to full album projects, our well trained ears which have been involved in all sides of the business will help you complete your plan and bring your ideas to life.

--LIVE DRUMS - Do you have a demo that sounds great but has a sequenced drum track or a drum machine? You can have Steve Murphy replace your fake drums with a set of live tracks! Bring the groove back to life without re-recording the whole thing. This is available in FL and NJ.

--LIVE SOUND MIXING - The same system used for NOBODY'S FAULT in their live gigs is available for rental along with FOH sound engineer. Available only in South Florida and only on nights not used by Nobody's Fault. Contact Bill for more information.

--WEBSITE AUDIO AND ON-HOLD MESSAGES - No job is too small for Murphonics. We take pride in creating high-quality audio that is internet-friendly and our mp3 conversion system is top-notch. We still keep a cassette deck around incase you have one of those Endless Loop cassettes that you would like to update.





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