We interrupt this program to share a newer, unearthed version of the classic Procol Harem tune Whiter Shade Of Pale in stereo. It’s almost obviously an all live, all at once take and the detail in the separated recording just makes one of the greatest musical pieces of our time even better. While the sound of the recording is amazing unto itself, the greatest sounding thing in this five minutes is the song. This previously unreleased version has been around for many years but was just recently brought to my attention. The performance is clearly different but played virtually identical to the note as it’s original epic classic predecessor. The drums are played differently…beautifully sloppy yet with plenty of emotion and care. This vocal as mysterious and odd as it is along with its puzzling poetic lyric stands even taller in its timeless beauty. Enjoy this six minutes and let whatever memories it gives you shine through in incredible enhanced fashion. For those of you not familiar with it take a listen to the way they wrote and sang ’em way back in our day! Either way make sure you take the same advice I was given and find those headphones or play this through big speakers and take it all the way in.

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