MUSIC FRIDAY - In anticipation of “Everything Is Beautiful”, coming this Spring, we take a listen to two tracks in advance and hear the stories behind them direct from singer/pianist/songwriter Robert Goodman. We touch on his earliest influences, the various genres of music, writing about cultural and political issues, being “old-school”, the return of the guitar solo and much more! Catch the Robert Goodman Band live at any of their upcoming South Florida shows. Find dates and more info at

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5 Responses to ROBERT GOODMAN BAND - Music Friday

  1. Bradley Lategan says:

    I friggin love this band.
    Makes you glad your mother and father met.
    Well worth the effort to see.

  2. Lisa Waggoner-Gonzalez says:

    The Robert Goodman Band is amazing, I saw this band in West Palm Beach on the waterfront. Each one of Robert’s songs have a special sound. I really enjoyed the music and cant wait for the albulm release!

  3. Ben Aiden says:

    Great Music!

  4. This is great music. If your a fan of original music and you want tunes that make you feel AND think, then RBG should be part of your playlist. I’ve seen these guys live, and the the sound and musicianship are fantastic.

  5. jody blumberg says:

    I love this music! Love Robert’s great voice and song on your podcast….saw his concert a couple of weeks ago in downtown west palm beach…..we need more talented singer songwriters like Robert….perhaps he should do some movie scores?!

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