Victoria returns to the show with the latest beauty renewal special available for the holidays from her Academy of Glam! Happy New You is a weekly beauty and spirit boot camp that covers everything from makeup to attitude. The program makes an excellent gift for any woman on anyone’s list. Listen to the experience and confidence in Victoria’s voice and get a taste of the comforting hospitality and positive vibe that The Academy of Glam offers. Visit for more info and follow them on facebook

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3 Responses to VICTORIA DUKE SMOLENSKI - Fashion/Beauty *NEW*

  1. Xtina Artistry says:


  2. Ali Kellett says:

    Another awesome interview! Victoria, you are so inspirational! I feel so blessed to have become a part of the Academy of Glam family and I am grateful for all the encouragement and love you have to share. You have changed the lives of so many women. Happy New You is such a great opportunity to experience the Academy of Glam and feel like a princess. If anyone is considering this, let me make your decision easy… GET IT! Don’t miss out! Your lady will love it! Your life will be better off for coming to this wonderful place!

  3. Victoria is sensational! I attend Academy Of Glam, & joining there family was the best decision I have ever made! They teach you about makeup, but its not just about that, they teach you about yourself, they want us to know our worth! I am so grateful for Victoria and her kind words and the inspiration that she is! I see so many things in myself that I never knew I had. Everyone must come in for “HAPPY NEW YOU”, you wont just be leaving with a pretty face, you’ll be leaving with a boost of confidence, with a thirst for life, you’ll leave feeling on top of the world! this is how I feel when I walk in and out these doors. I am forever grateful for my Fairy Glam Mother, Victoria Duke Smolenski !

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