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EMPLOYMENT/NETWORKING - Listen to the inspiring story behind Cindy’s new facebook page that is helping unemployed South Floridians find work and helping employers find good help! The Employment Network Page For Cindy’s Friends is another example of someone putting facebook to very productive use! She does it purely for the love of helping people out. We discuss unemployment and the way new media is changing the way we communicate and find each other. If you among the unemployed or an employer looking for help in South Florida, visit and ‘like’ Cindy’s network. CLICK HERE to browse the facebook page while you listen!

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5 Responses to CINDY KOSOR - Employment/Networking

  1. Aloha Debs says:

    Kudos to Bill & Cindy. In today’s world of technology, we all become lost in the vast posting of available content. Your support of our local community and providing the means in which we can access information that relates to our interests and community is greatly appreciated and so much needed! We are in the “World Wide” age, but it will be by going back to supporting our local communities that we will be able to encourage the return of our economic growth and assisting our friends and families!

    Your also on Itunes Podcasts!! (I subscribed)

  2. Mitch CRT says:

    It’s rare that you meet someone with such a passion for helping others, Cindy is that person. I gave her the nickname Cindyrocks a long time ago and this is one of the reasons why.

  3. Judianne says:


    We have always been there for one another and your “light” has been amazing. Cindy Rocks in so many ways. She has givena wonderful gift to those searching for a job.

    Love you Cindy

  4. Chris Gonsalves says:

    Cindy has done a fantastic job at being there when she can to help promote all in the community.

    She can ask anything, and DeJa Vu and I will always be there, you have more then just my respect.

    Together we will all go further then we can alone…

  5. Bones says:

    Cindy Rocks she is a shining star & a wonderful unselfish person, those of us who know her love her, those who have not had the priviledge to meet her, do not know what they are truely missing… You ROCK my red headed sister <3

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