AVIATION - American Airlines Pilot Murphy Burch has been flying commercially for a couple of decades. In this interview he shares some of his regular routine procedures and favorite things about flying for a living. We learn a little about how the industry has changed since 9/11 and Murph talks about some of the cool technological advances being made in aviation! He’s a loyal Florida Panthers season ticket holder too, so we talk a little hockey. Check out some of his photos from the job on his facebook page!

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  1. Murphy Burch says:

    Hey Ron!
    Yes and Yes! Shoot me an email and let’s catch up!

    I’m not a Captain. But Lord knows I should be (nearly every pilot hired at other majors at the same time I was is a Captains now!). I’m a First Officer on the 757 / 767 in the Domestic Division.

    Zeta: I appreciate and share some of your opinions on 9/11. Like I said, I watched a bunch of conspiracy videos on youtube and I was swayed by some of the compelling arguments. But in the end, I believe we were caught with our pants down that day. My personal opinion of the Shanksville “crash” is that the plane was shot down by our Military… But what makes a better Hollywood story, Hellfire Missiles from an F-16 or brave passengers shouting “let’s roll”? My opinion is that once the probable target of United 93 (Capitol Building or White House) was ascertained by the government, they ordered the threat to be neutralized. (I have many theories about TWA 800 too, but that’s for another interview).

    As to the “pencil and screen” analogy; I could buy that if the plane made a clean shot “THROUGH” the building… But it didn’t, it immediately exploded and disintegrated, causing a fire the likes of which was NEVER planned for by the developers of the World Trade Centers. That fire burned for over an hour at unimaginable temperatures before the structure came down. The second tower had nearly a complete quarter of one side (and corner) blown out by the United 767. I was shocked that it stayed up for as long as it did. I thought for sure it was going to topple sideways into lower Manhattan. As for Building Seven… Yeah, I totally believe that building was brought down intentionally, but what do I know? Honestly? I mean, I don’t know Jack, and I wasn’t there, I’m just relying on people in the know to give me information on which I can base my opinions. And it’s my opinion that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 (within hours), there were billionaire opportunists taking advantage of the situation…

    Oh, back the “screen”. I suspect that if you took that pencil and poked a hole in that screen, and then set it on fire for an hour at >1600 degrees, that screen would collapse…

    Thank you again for listening to the interview. I was really nervous, but the 30 minutes flew by!

  2. Ron says:

    man you look so terribly familair..
    Were you a cabin attendant and did some flying in Oklahoma?
    I used to work at Million Air and Business Air a long time ago!!

    You’ve made captain?V cool dude!!
    Which plane do you fly?

  3. Zeta says:

    Thank you Bill, for providing a venue with this kind of open dialog .. I forsee great success in your program …



  4. Bill Murphy says:

    Speaking out is encouraged here. I’d never censor such dialogue. The mysteries of 911 will be around for a long time. Amidst the confusion of it all I’m glad you have the guts to bring these things up. I completely understand the “crackpot” stigma immediately placed on people when they question the official accounts. It’s unfortunate.

  5. Zeta says:

    I certainly respect a professional pilot’s perspective on the events of 911, although, I personally heard the supervisor of Architecture of the buildings clearly state, It’s like punching a hole through a screen door with a pencil, and expecting the whole screen to collapse… They we’re designed and built to withstand numerous hits from the largest aircraft of the day … And it doesn’t explain a 147 ft. wide plane , poking a 16 foot hole in the Pentagon .. It doesn’t explain that in Pennsylvania ..just miles from where I grew up .. a plane crashed .. and spread over an 8 mile area( 8 miles ??!) … and left no bodies, seats, luggage, wings, tail section, engines, nothing.. It doesn’t explain Building 7 … I just does not add up … It just doesn’t.. It belies all logic. And sadly , one who asks logical questions regarding these matters , is colored coo coo ..
    We should ask questions… with out fear of being ostracized . And I hope I’ve expressed myself elequently, and without offending anyone .. Thanks. Z.

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