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SPORTS TALK - We’re long overdue for a sports recap with my favorite sports partner! The Ines Sainz sideline reporter story has gotten so much airplay we had to include some chat (and of course a nice photograph) about her ordeal. This story has a lot to do with recent changes in our ever so politically correct society and we make an attempt to sort some of that out. Kevin also assesses some of the damage from the NFL’s opening week, expresses some disappointment with a local sports radio personality and makes some predictions. The Murphy/Brown SportsTalk podcast is on! Please participate in the discussion by commenting below or on the facebook fan page!

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  1. rocky says:

    Wow, you dont ask how bad the (sanchize) Mark Sanchize is.
    The excuses begin for the jets fans. The jets said they were the team to beat and now Mr. Brown states “well they played a team that people pick to go to the super bowl” hey Kev the Jets picked themselves, and you lost at home. Your qb better play well to have any chance.

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