POLITICS - The Mayor of the City of Sunrise, FL visits the studio to chat in detail about red tape, party lines, campaigning, hockey, the famous Sunrise “upside-down” house, growing up in South Florida, unemployment, day-to-day mayoral duties, the Dallas Cowboys and much more! He’s a refreshing voice of reason in the otherwise questionable world of politics! If you live in Sunrise or know someone who does, you need to listen and forward this episode along.
For more visit the city’s website.

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1 Response to MAYOR ROGER WISHNER – Politics

  1. annette says:

    Really liked your interview with Kairo. Yhey are real & refreshin! Love their sultry, jazzy, R&b sound. I will o listen to them @ Carilina on Sunday nihts.
    Thank you for havin such a talented, diverse, upbeat roup.
    all the best!

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