ROSCOE PETERSON – Music Friday – Guitar

MUSIC FRIDAY - We’re live in the studio today with one of South Florida’s finest rock and blues guitarists! Roscoe brought a few of his “babies” and plugged in to show us how they sound. These are creations of his own, part of the new LoDaddy Custom Guitars project he’s involved with. We also take a listen to some of his most recent recorded work. Those of you familiar with Actual Proof and Ft. Lauderdale’s live music heyday will love reconnecting with Roscoe Peterson. Those of you listening from all other parts of the world will love getting to know him!

Browse Roscoe at JamWave, YouTube
For info on guitar lessons from Roscoe visit Music America and The Guitar Exchange

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2 Responses to ROSCOE PETERSON – Music Friday – Guitar

  1. Jeffrey D says:

    Roscoe is awesome…

  2. Cindy barcuss says:

    Great interview, this is one great guitarist. If he builds them as good as he plays them, i want one. Cute too!

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