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INDEPENDENT RECORD SALES - Today we welcome radio and records vet Bruce Harmon and his shop CD Heaven West to the show with a nostalgic chat about the “sound of vinyl”, file sharing, Peaches Records and Tapes, K102, and much more. Visit CD Heaven West 8128 N. University Dr. in Ft. Lauderdale and browse just like the good ‘ole days! Buy, Sell, and Trade. You can even buy a USB turntable there and digitally transfer your old records!
If you have a collection question
send Bruce an e-mail

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10 Responses to BRUCE HARMON – Independent Record Sales

  1. Bill Murphy says:

    Thanks Pete! great to hear from you!

  2. Pete Yalanis says:

    Enjoyed listening to two friends. Thanks and keep it going.

  3. Andres says:

    I am not of the “LP Generation” (a meager 18 years I have under my belt), but I can certainly relate to a lot of what has been said here. I’ve grown up loving mostly “underground” music- you know, people that actually have something to say and an inkling of musical talent?- and the death of independent music stores leaves Wal-mart to enforce their sophomoric imposition of what music is towards anyone who buys physical music anymore (don’t even get me started on itunes and their pathetic censorship attempts). Thanks a lot for showing us that there is still a beacon of hope out there for the few of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed just yet. Anyone can walk into CD Heaven and meet friendly people who share their passion, whatever it may be, in a friendly, nonjudgmental atmosphere. Thanks to Bruce and his shop, I often get odd looks from people when I tell them about my record collection (yes, VINYL records in Generation Y) and you know what? I kind of like it.

  4. Yaakov says:

    Great show!! Bruce makes it easy for us to remember how great music used to sound on those big LPs. CD Heaven really is heaven if you love music! Something for everyone- thanks Bruce!

  5. gary says:

    I was happy to stumble across this awesome site & catch this interview.
    I thought it was entertaining & informative.
    I’ll definitely be tuning in to hear more!

  6. Lenn says:

    “Sitting on the floor with records and CD’s.” Sounds like most of my teenage years. Great line and great memory.

    Enjoyed the interview, and have known Bruce and the store for many years. Not many places like this, and this is where you will find the music you remembered and the music that you should be remembering. Go and rediscover the music and tell the staff to help you find something that you will love. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM, not a playlist. This is the way to get to the know the artist.

    Enjoy the Music.

  7. Bobbi says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. I often shop at CD Heaven and enjoy talking to Bruce when I’m there because he is so knowledgeable about music. There is no store like CD Heaven because you get that personal touch when yoiu are there.

  8. Mel Wood says:

    Bruce, that was really great stuff! Peaches was the first record shop I ever went to in America but the one on Sunrise Blvd. My first vinyl album was Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Thanks for the great trip down Memory Lane! Cheers, Mel

  9. Sandy says:

    Great interview. Really enjoyed listening to Bruce and Bill talk about the record and music industry of the past and the present. I shop at CD Heaven all the time and have always found what I wanted and received excellent service from Bruce and his employees. Very helpful and full of knowledge. Keep it going Bruce!!

  10. Herby says:

    I thought this was very informative and it was great going back in time with you I also shop at cd heaven from time to time for imports and live stuff this store is definitly one of the great ones and they dont come around to often.
    thanks for letting the good times roll!!!

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